Aquaculture Products

Lyndon Fish Hatcheries sells superior-quality rainbow trout eyed eggs and fingerlings across Canada and the USA. Please contact us to place your order. Due to the high demand for our fingerlings and the time required to grow them, we recommend placing fingerling orders 18 months prior to the anticipated shipment date.

All Female Eyed Eggs

As our standard product, all female eggs eliminate any issues associated with males maturing before harvest. This significantly lowers the percentage of downgraded fillets, increasing the customer’s profitability and reputation. Female fish also tend to grow more evenly, reducing the amount of grading that needs to be done at the processing plant.

Fingerlings and Fry

At Lyndon Fish Hatcheries, we produce fingerlings for a variety of customers including bioassay and toxicology labs, commercial grow-out operations as well as private stocking for ponds. Products offered range from 0.15 grams to 100 grams in size. Larger sizes can be supplied by custom order with a minimum of six months’ notice.

Sixteen Years of Federal Certification

Our hatchery is federally certified disease free, which involves having our fish tested for reportable diseases every six months. This allows us to ship to national and international markets. Our pristine growing conditions and strong health management practices have allowed our site to be continuously certified for over 16 years.

Eggs from our own breeding stock are used for fish production, giving us full control of the health history and growth performance of the fish. A full health history, including all treatments applied and feed lots fed, can accompany each order if requested.


Q: What kind of fish do you sell?

A: We specialize in rainbow trout.

Q: What sizes of fish do you sell?

A: We sell eyed eggs, and fish larger than 5 grams (0.18 ounce) or 3 inches (7.7 cm) in length.

Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Our minimum order for eggs is 50,000; the minimum order for fingerlings is 500 fish.

Q: Are you federally certified?

A: Yes. Our eggs and fingerlings have been federally certified and disease-free for more than 15 years.

Q: What is difference between rainbow trout and steelhead?

A: There is very little difference as they originate from the same family. Steelhead are typically raised in a saltwater environment to a larger size (i.e. four lbs. / 1.8 kg or more). Rainbow trout are grown in freshwater to a smaller size (about two lbs./ 0.9 kg).

Q: Where did your strain of rainbow trout originate?

A: The Lyndon strain is believed to be derived from both steelhead and inland forms of rainbow trout with fish originating from a private hatchery strain (McClaren) in the United States in the 1930s. There is also a mix of local Ontarian strains at its inception in the province in the ‘50s (Ferguson et al. 1993; Aquaculture 117: 237-259).

Q: What are the traits that you are selecting for?

A: Our breeding program currently selects for the following traits:

  • Growth rate
  • Late maturation
  • Disease resistance
  • Egg quality
Q: How do you ship your eggs?

A: Our eggs are shipped in custom-made styrofoam boxes which are designed to carry up to 150,000 eggs per box.

Q: Where do you ship your eggs and fish?

A: We service markets within Canada and the United States.

Lyndon Fish Hatcheries operates two facilities in New Dundee

At our main facility in New Dundee, Lyndon Fish Hatcheries focuses on hatching rainbow trout eggs. We also have another site in New Dundee that utilizes a recirculation system, which allows for strict biosecurity in a controlled environment to ensure the best quality rainbow trout.

Our hatcheries are licensed and inspected by:

Professional Affiliations

At Lyndon Fish Hatcheries Inc., we are proud to support and be affiliated with many local aquaculture organizations.
Our professional affiliations include:

For more information on Ontario’s farm-raised trout operations, visit:

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