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As a leading Canadian trout hatchery, Lyndon Fish Hatcheries delivers superior rainbow trout eggs and fingerlings throughout Canada and the United States. The majority of our products go to fish farms that grow our fingerlings and eggs for end production use. Other customers include government agencies, universities, and businesses.

We care for our renowned Lyndon brood stock at two federally certified facilities in New Dundee, Ontario, feeding them only the highest quality feed. Our fish live in natural cool spring water derived from wells that are ideally suited to healthy trout.

Our mission is to consistently create superior performing rainbow trout eggs and fingerlings through innovation. To that end, we’ve partnered with the University of Guelph for continued advancement in the world of aquaculture.

We also operate the scenic Lyndon Fishing Pond in Petersburg, ON for those who want to catch their own fish.


  • Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Ltd.
    Now I would like to let you know that we held our monthly meeting today and the employees that participated on Saturday said nothing BUT how everything was so great!!  I am going quoting " the cleanest portable I ever been in" to how your staff came around often for kids to see the fish jumped... and let’s not forget the fish .... they even reminded me of that I was the only person, that caught only 1. We have attended your facilities for a few years now and whatever changes you have done, can be seen thru your employees.  Big CONGRATULATIONS to you and your team for work greatly done!!
    Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Ltd.
  • St. George Children's Center
    Just a short note to tell you how much we enjoyed the trip to the fish ponds.  I think overall the children enjoyed the trip to your ponds to fish more than any other trip we did in the summer. I must commend your employees as they went above and beyond to help the children, along with teaching them many things about fishing. They were wonderful and I can’t say enough about their dedication and work ethic. Your program has great value for the cost that you charge. Next summer we will definitely be back.
    St. George Children's Center
  • Shelley
    Guaranteed fish!! Fun for everyone. Bring your own fishing gear or rent theirs for a minimal fee. Family can BBQ or picnic. They clean your fish!! Really helpful and friendly staff. I love this place. Clean and well stocked Rainbow Trout pond.
  • Priority Mechanical
    We enjoyed how organized you are at Lyndon.  There was ample parking, equipment provided was in good condition.  The Fishing Pond Team were absolutely fabulous.  Asking if anyone needed some help and showed techniques for the beginner fisherman.  It was a nice warm day so they came around with water. There were lots of fish and they are quite easy to catch, so people who haven’t fished before could catch one. Our staff liked that there was shade available if they needed it and the fish were cleaned for them.
    Priority Mechanical
  • Trinity Village Care Centre
    Some of the comments we heard from our residents: “I love this place, so many fish.” “The fish are really big, I can hardly reel them in.” “This is the best outing that I have been on all year.”
    Trinity Village Care Centre

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